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Social Media Marketing is the utilization of web-based social media platforms to associate with your audience to construct your brand image, sales increment, and drive site traffic. As we are providing social media marketing services in Kolkata and in other cities like Bhubaneswar, Jamshedpur, Midnapore, our job is to create an effective social media marketing strategy that increases audience engagement, strengthening your Brand value and expanding your online reach. In the present competitive world, your business needs the help of Social Media Marketing promotion to guarantee a high reach and commitment in your intended audience.


Our Agency Style Work Process

As A Renowned Digital Marketing Company In Kolkata, We Aim To Help You Grow Your Business With Best Digital Marketing Strategy. We Give Our Best To Reach The Utmost Level Of Digitalized Marketing Growth For Business every day. A Growth That Brings Revenue In Your Business. And That Is What Makes Our Work Flow Different From Other Folks. That’s Why We Are Digital Squad. We Work With Every Business & Help Them Break The Digital Barrier As A Digital Marketing Agency In Kolkata

Project Discussion

Conducting Project meeting & Discussing Your Business Model and Static Growth

Research & Analysis

Kick Starting Advance Market Research & Analyzing Digital Marketing Scopes

Project Execution

Executing Digital Promotion Strategies and Analyzing Projects Stats & Reports

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How we make you social fit

Our SMM team will help you set up a perfect social media marketing plan for your Brand. As a reliable social media marketing agency our job services  goes beyond the developing a perfect social media plan. We manage everything on your behalf. Digital Squadas best social media marketing companies in Kolkata, is always at your service with our best social media marketing services and strategy  to promote your business, products or services in Kolkata, West Bengal and in other states like Odisha, Jharkhand

First we will choose the best social media platform for your brand or business depending upon the audience category

  • Facebook Marketing- 10X Your Brand visibility with Facebook Marketing. Advertise your business on Facebook and generate more business leads.
  • Instagram Marketing- Put your brand in front of 100 millions active Instagram users and let them talk about your business.
  • Twitter Marketing- Using Twitter Ads you can reach directly to the consumers and bring much more values to your brand.
  • Pinterest Marketing- Pinterest can be a great social platform for your brand to send traffic to your site and generate leads.
  • LinkedIn Marketing- Increase B2B leads with LinkedIn business strategy and make more connection with potential one.
  • YouTube Marketing-Give your brand a video-graphic view on YouTube and create amazing business stories

How about generating potential lead from social media platforms? Sounds good right? Yeah while everyone is using social media just to have entertainment, you will be generating potential business lead at that time with our Social Media Marketing Services and strategy. Our eventual aim is creating result-driven social media plan.

  • Understanding Your Business Need
  • Creating Different Social Media Ideas
  • Creating Contents That Replicate Your Brand Image

Making you fit with the latest content trends

  • Full-Proofing Social Media Content Calendar
  • Relates Your Brand With Different Trending Things
  • Create Engaging Social Media Posts

Target your potential audience on social media using AD promotion

  • Creating Ad Campaigning
  • Targeting Custom Set Of Audience
  • Bringing Promotional Ideas To Create More Engagement

Managing and Reporting of your social media performance

  • Managing Your Social Profiles
  • Measuring Engagement Insights
  • Analyzing Content Reports For Optimal Success

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