Pay Per Click Ads.​

Pay only when there is a click


How PPC advertisement can help businesses?

PPC Ad or Pay-per-Click Ad is one of the best and effective types of online ad promotion where you only pay when there is a click on your Ad. A PPC advertising drives focused traffic to your business site and livens up the change rates for higher incomes. This paid type of online advertising marketing is acclaimed for conveying quicker outcomes in contrast with some other form of advertisements. We at Digital Squad, as a PPC Advertising Agency In Kolkata, offer best ppc campaign management service and ensure sending targeted audience and traffic to your site and increase your conversion rate. We offer our pay-per-click advertising service in other cities like Bhubaneswar, Jamshedpur, Midnapore


Our Agency Style Work Process

As A Renowned Digital Marketing Company In Kolkata, We Aim To Help You Grow Your Business With Best Digital Marketing Strategy. We Give Our Best To Reach The Utmost Level Of Digitalized Marketing Growth For Business every day. A Growth That Brings Revenue In Your Business. And That Is What Makes Our Work Flow Different From Other Folks. That’s Why We Are Digital Squad. We Work With Every Business & Help Them Break The Digital Barrier As A Digital Marketing Agency In Kolkata

Project Discussion

Conducting Project meeting & Discussing Your Business Model and Static Growth

Research & Analysis

Kick Starting Advance Market Research & Analyzing Digital Marketing Scopes

Project Execution

Executing Digital Promotion Strategies and Analyzing Projects Stats & Reports

How we run your PPC campaigning

Let’s start your PPC Ad campaigning with best PPC advertising and lead generation Agency in Kolkata. Request your PPC advertisement from best ppc advertising company in Kolkata, Digital Squad. Request Now! Our PPC expert will get in touch with you shortly with their world class PPC campaigning management services 

Creating a strategy for PPC Ad for your business along with creating user  metrics that focuses only on conversion rate optimization. As a PPC advertising agency in kolkata our aim is to maximize the lead conversion with minimum ad spent 

Selecting the right keyword that describes your business perfectly. Targeting right keyword is one of the reason of a successful ppc ad campaigning 

It’s not only about bringing traffic to your site. It’s all about bringing targeted traffic to your site and generate leads. When you are running an ad campaign you need to think about the quality score of your landing page. The content you are offering should be valuable, as soon as someone land on your page. And as a Digital Marketing Agency it’s our responsibility to design landing page separately to generate lead from your page right away.

Creating ad strategy and running PPC ads is what not the stop for us. It goes beyond that. Measuring your ad performance is a crucial thing that can control your ad budget. We do the best to maximize your ad budget.

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